Open House

This is an “oldie but goodie.”  Open houses can be very effective marketing strategies, under the right circumstances.  What makes a good open house?  First, the property MUST have good curb appeal.  If it doesn’t appear welcoming from the outside, then passers by won’t even stop.  Ideally, the house is located not too far off a major thoroughfare…directional signs are important, and if there are too many zigs and zags off the main drag, then visitors won’t find you.  Price range is also an important consideration.  For first time buyers, open houses are a primary way of finding inventory.  Not so much as you get into upper price ranges.  Luxury property open houses tend to generate more curious neighbors, so generally speaking we recommend either invitation only or targeted open houses for the upper end.  Be sure you post your open house online…our company allows open houses to be featured on, and there are other options such as and google calendars.

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