Co Op Agent Feedback

One of the most frustrating tasks for listing agents is to try to garner oh-so-important feedback from cooperating selling agents.  Whether it’s simply that they are busy, or that they don’t want to “show their hand” by appearing too interested before their buyer is ready to make an offer, it drives agents and sellers alike crazy waiting to hear what a prospective buyer thought after a showing.

At Liz Moore & Associates, we’ve decided that even if it takes bribery, it’s worth the effort. Accordingly, we have developed a proprietary e-feedback program, where we e-mail coop agents for their thoughts, and in return, they are entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 prize, supplied by the company.  We seem to get better feedback via e-mail (plus, that enables us to forward the input directly to our seller clients), and local agents are now genuinely engaged in sharing that info, because they know that there may well be something in it for them.

One of the most important questions we ask:  “has your buyer bought another home?”  If not, there is still an opportunity to put a transaction together by overcoming whatever objections they may have.

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