The price you choose to market your home is probably the single most important decision you will make when putting your home on the market.  Once you have nailed down the RANGE where you are going to price your home, then selecting the number takes on even more significance.  Here are two things to ponder:  first, consider choosing an odd number, like the headline of this post.  Because so many online marketing portals rank on price, listing at an odd number (instead of $250,000) will definitely draw attention.  More importantly, however, is to really analyze your competition.  If there are twenty listings at $249,900, then pricing at $249,800 can literally move your listing up several pages either in an MLS or web search.  Also, you need to carefully consider the parameters most agents and consumers use to search.  Depending on the price range, most searches are either performed in $25,000 or $50,000 blocks.  So, pricing your home at $255,000 will literally mean your listing is invisible to anyone searching between $225k and $250k.  That is a huge mistake!  Your home is also likely to show more favorably relative to other listings in the $225k – 250k range than in the $250k – $275k range, meaning you are far more likely to attract a buyer by insuring you’re in the right price category.

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