QR Codes

Get the latest, greatest technology working for you like we do!  A QR (“quick response”) code is a square barcode that makes getting URLs, location coordinates, any text or contact information onto a phone quickly.  Software called a  QR-Code Reader can be downloaded for most of today’s smartphones.  The user simply opens their QR app, points their phone’s camera at the code, and it will magically whisk them away to the desired URL.

Lots and lots of real estate applications, from for sale signs to flyers to ads…all of which can quickly deliver the prospect to a specific website for details, photos, etc.  Try it!

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18 Responses to QR Codes

  1. Will Christensen says:

    QR codes are effective marketing tools.

  2. Danita Bowman says:

    Great marketing gimmick using technology.

  3. John McKendree says:

    QR-code works

  4. Lisa Genakos says:

    I liked the advertisement in the Va Gazette. It was informative. I like the idea of winning an i-pad also!

  5. rob HAFley says:

    Amazing technology. Cutting edge.

  6. Rob says:


  7. Charlie Funk says:

    Great ldea, neat tools!

  8. Paul S says:

    Great tool to add to smart phones!

  9. Antwain Haskins says:

    I just tried it on my phone and it works great! So cool! What will you think of next?!?

  10. Darcie says:

    This is an amazing way to share information and very easy to use. This tool will definitely create more traffic to generate sales, referrals, etc.

  11. Newton Munson says:

    Found an app called QuickMark for my Droid-X. It read the QR code and showed me the link http://bit.ly/bETzRD?r=qr. However, it would not link me to the the site. I manually entered the link into browser on my MacBook and “here I am”.

  12. Julie Milne says:

    This seems really neat! Too bad my phone is that “smart” yet! But maybe I’ll win an Ipad! :)

  13. christine janke says:

    Wish I could get the QR to work on my phone, I gess I still have a stupid phone. Would love to win an Ipad!

  14. Polly Bartlett says:

    Amazed that I can do this. Would like to win

  15. Tallon Karrd says:

    This QR code stuff is pretty cool!! Thanks for the idea I will be using this in my business!

  16. Robin Farkas says:

    I hear that this is incredibly efficient, holding four times as much information as a bar code.

  17. Barbara Mathis says:

    I just love technology!

  18. Patty Moore says:

    Love the marketing concept.

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