Flyer Box on the Sign

One of the age old debates raging in real estate circles is whether or not you should include a flyer box on the ‘for sale’ sign.  The argument for not posting flyers outside is that you give the buyer too much information, and then they don’t have a reason to call.  It also can be frustrating when neighborhood kids raid the box on a regular basis, and you’re continually re-stocking flyers.

I would argue, however, that the only prospects you eliminate that way are the ones who are not qualified.  If the price scares them off, then chances are that they’re not your buyer anyway.  And, a compelling, high quality feature sheet may just entice a prospect not to judge a book by its cover, and encourage them to take a look inside.  It’s also an opportunity to include information (such as financing, see #68 or VA $1 Move In, #35), which may just seal the deal.  If you’re worried about the expense of replacing flyers, use high quality black and white in the outside box, and color inside.

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8 Responses to Flyer Box on the Sign

  1. Melanie T says:

    Good ideas!

  2. I like a full disclosure, that’s why I like to get a flyer when I look at a house. It isn’t worth my time to be looking at homes that are out of my range financially.

  3. Tom Nelson says:

    While driving around it is useful to obtain some information immediately rather than through research later on. Bright and colorful is not important, just bottom lines figures and space generalities.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I believe the cost of flyers is worth it, even if the first batch or two is taken by the neighbors. You need to get the word out – and your neighbors might know someone who’s looking. Spring for full color; this is an advertisement! You’re trying to make a good first impression and make people want to come inside for more.

    When we were looking for a home, we collected flyers and used them to remind us about the homes we’d visited. Good tips!

    • Steve Snead-Smith says:

      This is good advice so that knowing what to put on the flyer and also where you should target distributing them.

  5. Amy Smoot says:

    This is such a great tool! When people are looking for a new house they have specific things in mind that they need/want. If there was a flyer that listed all of the features, the price and what made that house different, I think that it would not only eliminate unqualified buyers but those that have specific needs. Also makes for great comparisons when looking at multiple homes, “now which house had the hot tub?” I think that all houses, especially in neighborhoods should have these, when you get to more rural locations they may not be as helpful…

  6. James S. says:

    Helpful information.

  7. steve/cindy garner says:

    As a buyer, I like being able to pick up a flyer to see if it’s what we are looking for. Why waste the realtors time or ours if the house is not what we thought it was going to be. I also agree that it’s great to be able to compare features side by side.

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