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Our local Williamsburg MLS has a feature which enables agents to send a “blast e-mail” to all participating MLS members.  This is a tremendous opportunity when utilized effectively.  It’s a great target market – over 400 REALTORS, any one of whom may be currently working with the buyer you’re looking for.

The key is to decipher how to make your e-blast stand out among the myriad of e-mails that agents receive on a daily basis.  Here are some tips:  Your headline MUST be catchy.  Your description should be brief, and focused on the highlights of the property (as opposed to 3 bedrooms, 2 baths).  Always include the address, neighborhood and price in the body of your e-mail, in case I’m scanning for a particular client.  If you make me click on the link and/or log in to find out basic information, I may be in a hurry and elect to skip it.  This is a very important tool, and it’s essential that you invest the requisite time and creativity to leverage it.

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3 Responses to E-mail Blast

  1. Steven Morris says:

    I think Email Blast is a great way to receive formation concerning your home and experience in buying or selling. With technology at the forefront of everything we do these days getting plugged in is almost imperative. I love the website and applaud Liz Moore and Associates for being “plugged in”.

  2. Lynn and Midge Daniels says:

    The house you sold us is working out great! Thanks for everything.

  3. Deborah Fisher says:

    One of the main reasons people utilize a Realtor is to capitalize on their network. When I sell my house next year, I will definitely be looking for my Realtor to use all tools available to find a buyer for my property.

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