Target Renters

Depending on the price range of your listing, folks who are renting nearby may be the perfect candidate.  Modern technology makes it relatively simple to target a high rent apartment complex (For instance, at Liz Moore & Associates, we offer SalesLeadsUSA to our agents at company expense, which is a subscription list service where they can access mailing addresses and phone numbers and easily cross reference with the Do Not Call list).  So, one approach would be to send a mailing championing the benefits of home ownership, and demonstrating that the after tax benefit payment may be comparable if they were to purchase your listing.  Deliver flyers (and a pop by gift!) to resident apartment managers of nearby complexes, so that they might pass them along if they hear of residents interested in purchasing.

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2 Responses to Target Renters

  1. Charlie Holloway Jr. says:

    Thanks to my agent David Jackson I learn that Iam one of the perfect candidates that need to move away from renting and into a new home… It won’t be long.

  2. Tony Wargo says:

    This is a great idea! I will keep this in mind when it is time to list my house on the market.

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