Broker Opens

In some markets, like our Williamsburg market, Broker Open Houses are a custom.  On a pre-set once a week schedule advertised on the MLS website, different zones (areas of town) are featured.  Agents from across the MLS look up the listings that are open in that zone on a particular day, and choose the broker open houses which they will attend.  This can be a terrific opportunity for a listing agent to expose their listing to a variety of agents at once. 

There are a number of ways to insure a successful broker open.  First and foremost, attend other agents’ opens – they are more likely to support yours if they have seen you in attendance when their listings have been open.  Next, provide a light lunch.  Around these parts, Carrot Tree and The Cheese Shoppe are always popular…and, while it may seem frustrating that some agents would show up simply for the menu of free food, remember that your objective is to get as many agents there as possible – because you just never know which one of them will be working the buyer you’re trying to reach.  Business card drawings can also lure attendance, and don’t need to be expensive…it’s more about a chance to win and feeling lucky.

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2 Responses to Broker Opens

  1. Lyle Henry says:

    That’s a great marketing tool!

  2. Enda Gibler says:

    You guys must spend alot of time working on this blog. im impressed

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