Twilight Photography

One of the greatest marketing challenges that we face as REALTORS is how to make our inventory stand out among the sea of available homes for sale.  At Liz Moore & Associates, we are continually striving for ways to showcase our listings, and show off their best features.  Photography can be challenging this time of year, when the lawns aren’t lush and the flowering shrubs haven’t begun to poke their heads out yet.

Dulcie Holland, our photographer, has recently come up with a brilliant solution to make our listings pop:  twilight photography.  In a nutshell, she photographs the home at just the right time at dusk, with all the interior lights on and carefully selected exposure settings on her equipment, and the effect is spectacular.


Photography is more important than ever, now that 96+% of prospective homebuyers are searching online, and whether or not a photo is compelling could mean the difference in whether or not a listing is shown and/or a buyer is interested.

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